Call for Abstracts

CAPL Annual Conference: Instructions for submission

The following formats of presentations are welcome:

  • Paper presentation: a scholarly presentation on a forensic clinical, legal or research topic. Delivery time should be 20 minutes with 10 minutes following for questions and answers (30 minutes in total)
  • Flash talk: a brief, focused presentation on a pertinent topic in forensic psychiatry. Delivery time should be 10 minutes with 5 minutes following for questions and answers (15 minutes in total).
  • Panel discussion: a group presentation led by the submitter (Chair) of the abstract on a topic of national interest in forensic psychiatry; each panelist should present a different view of the topic; delivery time should be 30 minutes for the entire panel with 10 minutes following for questions and answers (40 minutes in total)
  • Debate: this format centers on a controversial question in forensic psychiatry; the submitter acts as moderator and the participants must be two recognized experts; delivery time should be 30 minutes for the entire panel with 10 minutes following for questions and answers (40 minutes in total)
  • Poster: a concise summary of scholarly work that can be understood without a presenter.
  • Other: a limited number of other formats and lengths will be considered by the planning committee (e.g.
    mock trial, workshops, longer time slots)

All research abstracts for paper presentations, flash talks and posters should be submitted in the following format: Background; Methods; Results; Conclusions.

  1. Prepare your abstract on the official Abstract Submission Form online. If other than regular presentation, please specify preferred format.
  2. Deadline for submissions is December 13th, 2019.
  3. The room will be equipped with regular audio/visual presentation electronic equipment such as computer, projector, screen, and speakers. Other a/v needs may incur a fee to the presenter. We suggest that you discuss this with us in advance of the meeting.
  4. For PowerPoint presentations, please use the 16:9 format.


Please ensure all research and presentations conform to standard ethical guidelines (e.g., informed consent/patient confidentiality/ethics board approval).

For submissions you will submit the following electronically:

  • Presentation type
  • Title of presentation
  • Authors & affiliations (highlighting resident/junior CAPL members)
  • Abstract (max 300 words/ 2000 characters)
  • Comments/explanation if seeking alternative session type or alternative timing
  • Disclosure form (available here)
  • Three (3) educational objectives – “At the end of this session, participants will be able to….”
  • References (if any)
  • Category (Civil, Criminal, clinical, other)