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Dr. Cormier was a pioneer in the establishment of forensic psychiatry in Canada. The Bruno Cormier Award is awarded to a distinguished psychiatrist who has made a significant contribution to forensic psychiatry in Canada.

This award is presented at the discretion of the CAPL Board of Directors by the CAPL President.

Nominations: Any CAPL member or affiliate may submit a nomination to the current CAPL President. Nominations which must include an recent CV of the candidate, and must be received by Jan. 1 each year.  Please send your nominations to the attention of the CAPL President at

Past award recipients


The Canadian Academy of Psychiatry and the Law (CAPL) takes great pleasure in announcing the annual CAPL Fellowship competition for residents. Trainees awarded the CAPL Fellowship receive reimbursement of their expenses* for the CAPL Annual Conference, including travel, lodging and conference fee.


Candidates are eligible if they are currently PGY-4, PGY-5 or PGY-6 in a Canadian residency training program. Two nominations will be accepted from each residency program. Candidates must follow the procedure listed below for nomination and eligibility.


Submissions must be received in full by the annual nomination deadline of Jan. 1.

Submission procedure:

Candidates must forward the following documents to CAPL:

  1. A personal statement outlining:
    1. The development of the candidate’s interest in forensic psychiatry.
      Steps taken to further that interest.
    2. The candidate’s professional aspirations in the field of psychiatry and the law.
    3. The candidate’s intended contribution to the field of forensic psychiatry and any information he or she believes will be helpful to CAPL.
  2. A letter from the candidate’s program director that states the reason he or she supports the candidate’s nomination and explains why he or she believes that the candidate will make a positive contribution to the field of psychiatry and the law.
  3. An abstract of no more than 250 words outlining the paper that the successful candidate will be required to present at CAPL’s Annual Conference, as well as a copy of the entire paper.

The paper should deal with an important and current topic in the field of forensic psychiatry. It may be research-oriented, and its subject matter may review a significant aspect of forensic psychiatry or outline an area of law that is either germane to the field of forensic psychiatry or interacts extensively with it.


All inquiries, questions and submissions should be directed to Paper submissions will not be accepted.

*In accordance with the prevailing CAPL expense policy.

 Past award recipients