In keeping with the bylaws of the Canadian Academy of Psychiatry and the Law (CAPL), CAPL members are invited to submit their candidacy to become a director of the Corporation.

Directors serve a two-year term, renewable twice for a maximum of six years. Directors are elected by members at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) from a slate proposed by the Nominating Committee. Per CAPL’s articles of continuance (transition) to the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act, there may be a minimum of five and a maximum of seven directors. All nominees for director shall:

  • Be members in good standing of CAPL as defined in section 3.01 of the bylaws.
  • Meet the qualifications listed in 5.03 of the bylaws.
  • Be highly regarded by their peers and CAPL members for integrity, professionalism and leadership.
  • Have a balanced perspective of forensic psychiatry in relation to important regional, national and international issues.
  • Reflect the ethical values and beliefs of the great majority of CAPL members.

Current directors are:

Brad Booth Todd Tomita
Phil Klassen Jeff Waldman
Louis Morissette Joel Watts
Victoria Roth

Drs. Booth, Klassen, Roth and Watts are not eligible for reelection as this is the final year of their third consecutive terms as directors. Drs. Morissette, Tomita and Waldman are each eligible for reelection to a second two-year term as director.

Officers serve a one-year term, renewable twice for a maximum of three years. Per section 7.01 of the bylaws, officers are appointed by the Board. Appointments will occur at the first Board meeting following the AGM. With the exception of the president, vice-president and past-president, who must also be directors, officers need not be directors. However, in all cases, officers must meet the qualifications for directors outlined in section 5.03 of the bylaws (also consult the duties of officers and a description of ideal candidates). The term of each office is one year, renewable twice for a maximum of three consecutive one-year terms.

Current officers are:

President: Brad Booth Secretary: Todd Tomita
Vice-President: Phil Klassen Treasurer: Sébastien Prat
Past-President: Joel Watts Joel Watts

Drs. Tomita and Prat are each eligible for reappointment to a second one-year term in their current offices. Drs. Booth, Klassen and Watts are completing a third consecutive two-year term as directors, so are ineligible to be reappointed to the offices of president, vice-president and past-president, respectively.

To apply, all applicants for director or officer—including existing directors who are eligible for reelection, or officers who are eligible for reappointment—must submit a brief (250 words maximum) statement of interest along with a recent copy of their CV online no later than 5:00 p.m. ET on Friday, Jan. 10, 2020. Nominations sent by email, fax or regular mail will be disqualified.